Memphis Daytrippin’

Neil White, Triton Press, Memphis, Authors, Publishing

On Saturday, August 30th, I had the opportunity to travel to Memphis, Tennessee to visit with some writing friends. Susan Cushman hosted an event at her home and the guest speaker was Neil White, author of In the Sanctuary of Outcasts. He recently launched a new venture under his Nautilus Publishing Company called Triton Press, a hybrid publishing house.

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What’s Up Thesaurus?

Thesaurus, Conservative, Words

Sometimes, I use a Thesaurus. Eegad! Whatever. Deal with it. I know some people can be pretentious about using a thesaurus.

The other day I wanted to find some inspiration for something and went to Thesaurus to see what they had as an alternative to conservative. I found this…notice the words circled in red?

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My Heart Being Ripped Out


This little guy left this morning for basic training for the National Guard. He’ll be gone for a total of approximately 7 months. Basic training is only 9 weeks but then he starts his Advanced Individual Training (AIT) immediately afterward. He’ll be in Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

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August Is All Jacked Up

Planner, Moleskine, Bullet Journal, Schedule, Calendar, August

August slammed into me like a giant wave I wasn’t expecting. You know, like when you are at the beach, wading hip deep with your back towards the ocean and you are waving and smiling at your loved one who made the wise decision to stay on the beach when all of a sudden – BAM – a ginormous wave attacks you from behind and you go down like an anchor? Well, that’s what August has done to me. It surprised me when I wasn’t paying attention.

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I Remember Nothing – A Nora Ephron Series #4 The Legend

Nora Ephron, #Book, I Remember Nothing

In this chapter, Nora dives off into her childhood and her thoughts on her mother. I believe she could have written a whole Encyclopedia collection on her parents. I found this essay to be poignantly bitter sweet.

We all have dysfunction in our family, if we are honest. Don’t we? Maybe not. I know I do! There, I said it. But sometimes, when I am scrolling through Facebook I feel like I might be the only one. Facebook gives everyone the opportunity to paint lovely masterpieces with a broad brush, that’s all I’m saying.

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Dear Love Bunnies – Here’s The Deal

writing, journaling, draft, memoir

Hold on, wait a minute, let me grab a large cup of coffee because this may take a while….

Let me start by saying that nothing is wrong. There has been no tragic upheaval or anything like that for me, thank GOD! I’ve just been busy, with real life stuff. It’s kind of cool actually.

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I Remember Nothing – A Nora Ephron Series – #2 Who Are You?

The second chapter in the book titled I Remember Nothing and Other Reflections by Nora Ephron is called Who Are You? It is three simple vignettes of I Know You, Have We Met, and Old Friends in which Nora lets us know that she has been in all kinds of situations where she cannot remember the person’s name of whom she is talking to, or where she may know them from, or if they’ve previously been introduced, and even the challenges recognizing friends from years gone by.

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Feeling Way More Than I Should This Morning

typing out loud

I recently saw a thread of a discussion online where a couple of people (me being one of them) wished a certain something about a business in Madison County. Now, this wish was totally unrealistic at the moment but nonetheless it was a concern and probably the reason these particular handful of people have not yet frequented the establishment.

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Confession of a Mary Kay Junkie

Mary Kay TimeWise® Miracle Set product review

Okay, so look, I am a Mary Kay user. I love Mary Kay. I love it so much that I used to be a consultant. I wish I had stuck it out too because it was so much fun being a consultant and being around positive and encouraging women. But look at me already digressing….

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