2014 Book of Days and The Rocket City Bloggers

It wasn’t until January 1, 2014 that I got this idea to start recording my daily activities. These entries will be quick little notes in bullet-like format. At the end of each day, I plan to record in this black journal my activities as well as anything significant happening in the world.


2014 Book of Days

The reason I want to start doing this is because the other day I was trying to think of something to write about for The Best of 2013 when I realized I really didn’t have anything to reference. Well, I have this blog but still, I don’t record every little think on this blog to share with everyone.

I wanted something more detailed and intimate to track and measure. And so The Book of Days for 2014 was created.

The bad part is that I don’t have any real solid writing goals for 2014. I won’t have any way to measure my progress. I do have two essay contests I’d like to enter and that can be easily measured and tracked.

So far, 2014 is not off to a great start. I am hoping I can turn a recent disappointment into a humorous story, but we shall see.

newrcblogoIn other news, The Rocket City Bloggers have been busy recreating and reinventing themselves with a brand new logo and blog layout. Plus they are gearing up for their next big event. It’s called Downtown with RCB (Rocket City Bloggers). We will have our event at the al.com building downtown and everyone is invited. Our goal is to connect business to bloggers and bloggers to bloggers. Hell, it’s just a big ole networking event really. Food and beverages will be provided.

Here is a promo video done by one of our very own RCBers – Bo Williams.

If the video isn’t working here on my blog, then click THIS LINK to view the music video promo on YouTube.

And we have some talented writers in the bunch who are writing a serialized short fiction piece to also help promote the event and our bloggers.

Part I – by Keith Parker
Part II – by Amy Fisher Jones
Part III – by Tina Leach
….. To be continued by David Hitt

Downtown with RCB is January 16th at 5:30PM

Hope to see you all there,

I am a blogger, CrossFit enthusiast, caffeine addict, U.S. Navy veteran, and social media connoisseur. I am also a writer with a flighty muse. This is a no-niche blog.

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